Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your little contributions will lead to bigger changes:)

Dear All,

With support from many in past, this is 5th consecutive year where I’ll be running for World’s Richest Run, “TCS World 10k Run” to show my consistency towards various social sector causes dear to me and towards which I have been contributing my little  bit of service for over the last 8 years. I am participating in Run solely with an intention to make thousands of people aware about various issues in Social Sector and how their little contribution, be it time or skills or passion or some donation can make a difference…

Choice is yours: If you believe in me, my passion, my dedication, contribution and commitment to social sector and if you wish to support my run for a cause dear to ‘your’ heart you may choose from the below few organisations I am personally associated with either as an Employee or as a volunteer or as a Trustee…  As rightly said by Booker T. Washington “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Here’s a chance to do that, If you can donate your time, skills and passion nothing like it, If you don’t have time to donate your skills and passion then ‘Your contribution’ in terms of money is just few clicks away, In any case click request on the NGO names below and at least get info about great work being done in Social sector. Only when you are convinced and are willing to, then, do your bit of doing an online donation on any organistaion and issue of your choice and bring a change to someone’s life by... say... sponsoring a child or education projects or a disabled or an elderly or fulfilling a most cherished wish of a child suffering from Life threatening illness or anything that in turn will make some positive difference to someone’s lifeJ

Volunteering/Social Services (enabling organisations working on many issues)

Collection Drives/ Disaster Management NGOs

Sankalp India Foundation Donation Link

Child Welfare


The Baale Mane Donation Link

Sathi - Society For Assistance to Children in Difficult situation Donation link


APD - The Association of People with Disability Donation Link

Anga Karunya Kendra Donation Link

EnAble India Donation Link

Mobility India Donation Link

Navachetana Trust Donation Link

Sambhav Foundation


Akshara Foundation Donation Link

Nanhi Kali Donation Link


SAAHAS Donation Link


Make A Wish Foundation Of India Donation Link

Human Rights:

SICHREM-South India Cell for Human Rights,Education and Monitoring

Youth Welfare

Prerana Donation Link

This is making me feel so good to be part of social sector and so many organisations (although few are missing who haven’t registered for TCS World 10 K Run), list might increase too post many others registering themselvesJ Lots more to do!!!

So now choice is yours!!! Remember every rupee counts and so donate whatever you can for whichever cause you feel like!!!

Thanks and positively hoping to change and add life to many lives!!! And ya Bangaloreans please get set ready to Run for TCS World 10 K Run for social awareness partJ

Smiles & Warm regards,

Prarthana Unkalkar Kaul
 “There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”